PHP Version Guide

Over time, new PHP versions are released, and as they deprecate old functionality, you will need to keep UberMenu up to date to stay compatible with the current PHP version. Below are notes in case you have questions about PHP version compatibility.

How can I tell which version of UberMenu I’m using?
Log into your WordPress admin and visit the Plugins page. Look for the UberMenu plugin, and you’ll see the version listed beside it.

UberMenu Plugins Page Version Display

PHP 7.2

Use UberMenu v3.5+

UberMenu has been compatible with PHP 7.2 since version, but if you’re running a “PHP Compatibility Checker”, you may get a false positive regarding a line of code that won’t actually run on your install. Use UberMenu 3.5 or later to ensure compatibility with no false positive warnings.

PHP 7.1

Use UberMenu v3.2.6+

For compatibility with PHP 7.1, make sure you’re running UberMenu 3.2.6 or later

How do I update UberMenu?

It depends on what version you’re running.

If you’re running an older version of UberMenu, you may need to update manually. See Installing Updates

If you’re running a newer version, you can use Automatic Updates

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