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UberMenu 3

UberMenu Control Panel > General Settings > Accessibility

UberMenu provides the following accessibility features, which can be enabled and disabled to your liking in the settings

Keyboard accessibility

Allows users to tab through the menu and highlight focused elements. For more information, see Keyboard Accessibility & the Blue Outline / Glow

Skip navigation link

Adds a hidden skip nav link to assist those using screen readers

Collapse mobile menu with Escape key

On mobile, the menu is closed when the escape key is pressed.


Top level anchors will be given a tabindex of 0. (Note that there is no setting associated with this attribute, it will be added automatically)


Settings for Accessible Rich Internet Applications


Adds role attribute to the nav container (redundant if using HTML 5 nav tag)

aria-label for nav

Adds aria-label=”{menu-title}” to the nav tag. You can set the title of your menu in the Appearance > Menus screen


Adds the aria-expanded attribute to activated anchors and their submenus when open.

aria-hidden [submenus]

Adds the aria-hidden attribute to hidden submenus

ARIA for responsive toggle

Adds role=”button”, aria-controls, aria-hidden, and aria-expanded attributes to responsive toggle.

aria-hidden [icons]

Adds the aria-hidden attribute to Font Awesome icons. Enable if your icons are purely decorative.