Multiple Instances

If you want multiple UberMenus on your site which are all configured the same (apart from the menu contents), you can achieve that in a few ways:

Multiple Theme Location Activation

If you have multiple menus that already exist on your site, you can activate UberMenu on each of them (assuming the theme supports automatic integration). Just check each theme location you wish to activate.

Via a Builder

You can add multiple UberMenu instances via a Page Builder such as Elementor, Divi, Oxygen, etc.

Add a menu via PHP

If you’d like to add a new menu to your theme, you can insert the PHP generated by UberMenu into your theme template. Choose a specific menu or a theme location to generate the appropriate code.

More information: Manual Integration

Add a menu via Shortcode

Use the same Manual Integration method to generate a shortcode which can be placed in your site content.

More information: Shortcodes

Add a menu via Widgets

Drag the UberMenu Navigation widget into the appropriate widget area to add an UberMenu to your site. Set the Menu (optional) parameter to configure which menu to display.

More information: Widget

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