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UberMenu 3

UberMenu implements a single-menu responsive solution. Below 960px, the menu collapses into a menu toggle which can be clicked to reveal the menu items. UberMenu remains full-size on larger devices like horizontally-oriented iPads.

UberMenu Responsive & Mobile Articles

Read the articles below for information on the default breakpoints, using UberMenu on mobile, strategies for hiding menu items at different resolutions, and troubleshooting themes with existing responsive menus.


If you would rather use a separate menu for your mobile menu, there are two options at your disposal:

1. ShiftNav

Adds an off-canvas mobile menu on mobile devices, compatible with UberMenu.

2. Responsive Select Menu

The Responsive Select Menu plugin offers a different paradigm for handling responsive menu functionality, by collapsing the menu to a selectbox on mobile devices. It is compatible with UberMenu.