Gravity Forms Integration Tips

You can add Gravity Forms to your UberMenu by inserting a Gravity Forms shortcode into an UberMenu Content Override field.


  1. In order for your form to appear in a submenu, you will need to attach it to a second level menu item – NOT a top level menu item. In some cases, a third level menu item might be appropriate.
  2. If you do not want the menu item’s Navigation Label to appear above the form, check the Disable Text option on that item


  1. For optimal formatting, place the Gravity Form in a Full Width Submenu with an explicit column number set. This gives the form a specific width to conform to and allows the form to display better. Otherwise, you may want to add a bit of custom CSS to set a width on the form to make it expand properly
  2. Depending on your form, you may wish to add some minor CSS tweaks to get the form “just right” within your menu


To maximize compatibility/minimize interference between the two plugins, disable two options in UberMenu > Theme Integration

Disabling these settings will prevent UberMenu’s javascript and CSS from directly affecting the form

Other suggestions

  1. Keep in mind that on a page refresh, your submenu won’t automatically re-open. If you want your users to see the confirmation or error message after submitting the form, consider putting your form into AJAX mode

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