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UberMenu 2

If your theme follows these WordPress best practices, UberMenu can automatically integrate into your theme and replace your existing menu.

Are you using UberMenu 3? This is the UberMenu 2 article. Please view Will UberMenu 3 work with my theme?
Note: For technical people, this means the theme must use the WordPress standard best practice of calling wp_nav_menu with the theme_location parameter. If you don’t know how to check the code of your theme, just follow the instructions below.

Your theme must properly implement the WordPress 3 Custom Menu System in order to support WordPress out of the box (note that you can still use UberMenu without a properly supported theme, but you’ll need to add some PHP). To check if your theme supports WP3 Menus:

  1. Log into the WordPress Admin area.
  2. Navigate to Appearance > Menus. If this option is not available, WP3 Menus are not supported.
  3. In the Menus panel, check to see if you have the Manage Locations tab. It will tell you if your theme supports WP3 Menus.

Theme registers theme locations: Compatible

If your Menus Panel has the Manage Locations tab and says Your theme supports x menus (where x > 0), the theme is compatible.

Any theme location listed can be turned into an UberMenu if the theme is coded properly.

Theme does NOT register theme locations: Requires Easy Integration (can’t auto-replace menu)

If the theme says Your theme does not natively support menus, then you will need to insert Easy Integration into your theme template to integrate UberMenu, since this theme does not meet the Requirements for automatic menu replacement.

Note: Please check if your theme has Specific Integration Instructions

In WordPress 3.6, the theme locations management has moved to Appearance > Menus > ManageLocations

WordPress 3.5 and earlier

Theme Supports WordPress 3 Menus ↓
Theme Does NOT Support WordPress 3 Menus ↓
Appearance > Menus > Theme Locations:
Your theme supports 1 menu. Select which menu you would like to use.
Appearance > Menus > Theme Locations:
Your theme supports 0 menus.
WordPress 3.5

WordPress 3.5

UberMenu can apply to this menu automatically
UberMenu can’t automatically apply. You need UberMenu Easy Integration

Known Exceptions:

  • Artisteer does not call wp_nav_menu
    , so it does not support UberMenu out of the box. You’ll need to use UberMenu Easy Integration with Artisteer.
  • Headway 3.x now uses WordPress 3 Menus, but to remove the residual styling you’ll want to use these special instructions.
  • Suffusion implements a non-standard menu. However, at the last version I tested, the menu can be easily replaced with UberMenu via these integration instructions. I do not recommend use with this theme unless you are comfortable adding a small amount of PHP code to your functions.php.
  • Gantry Framework. Gantry does not use wp_nav_menu, so you’d need to use UberMenu Easy Integration in a widget. However, note that Gantry adds its own code to the WordPress widget/sidebar system, which seems to cause issues when adding widgets to your menu. Therefore I would not recommend using UberMenu with Gantry at this time. If you want to try this on your own, please see the Gantry-specific instructions
  • MultiToool Framework The MultiToool framewok does not use theme locations, and does not provide a way to easily include UberMenu Easy Integration. I have not found a good way to integrate UberMenu with this framework.