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Getting Started 0

Welcome to the Carbon Copy Menu Duplicator. This plugin allows you to create exact copies of your WordPress menus. Just select the menu you want to copy, pick a name for the new menu, and start the duplication process. To get started, 1. Install the plugin 2. Enter your license code if you’d like to set up Updates 3. Learn the basics of how to duplicate a menu 4. Prefer a video? Watch the Video Tutorials


Installation 0

1. Download the plugin zip file After purchasing the plugin, you’ll receive a download link via email. Click the download link to download the zip file. The link in the email is temporary. After the link expires, you can still download the plugin zip by logging into your account and visiting your SevenSpark Dashboard If you don’t get a zip file when you download, it means your browser is configured to unzip the file automatically. Change that setting in your browser so that the browser doesn’t unzip the file. 2. Upload the zip file to your WordPress installation and install Log into your WordPress site and go to Plugins > Add New Click Upload Plugin Select the plugin zip file that you downloaded and click Install Now 3. Activate the plugin Activate the plugin via the prompt, or on the Plugins Screen. 4. Go to the Duplicator App To access the Duplicator App, you can either: 1. Visit Tools > Carbon Copy Menu Duplicator 2. Click Go to Duplicator App from the Plugins screen 3. Initiate a menu copy from the Appearance > Menus screen by clicking the Copy Menu button or the Menu Duplicator tab.


Updates 0

This guide will walk you through setting up automatic updates for the Carbon Copy Menu Duplicator plugin. You’ll need to have the plugin installed and have your license code handy. Registering your license to receive updates 1. Find your license code When you purchase the plugin, you are assigned a license code. You can find this in the purchase receipt email you are sent, or through your SevenSpark Dashboard FAQ: Where do I find my license code? 2. Open the Updates Settings Panel In your WordPress install, go to Tools > Carbon Copy Menu Duplicator Click the gear icon in the upper right. The panel will open. Click the Updates tab to show the Updates settings. 3. Register your license code Enter your license code in the text box. Then click Activate License If your license is valid and current, you’ll see a “License activated” message, and the license status will be populated with when your license expires. Expired Licenses & Renewal Your license is valid for updates for 1 year from the date of purchase. To receive updates after this time, you can renew your license. Note: you’ll receive a renewal notice via email 1 month before your license expires. If the Expiration Date has passed, click Re-check license to check the license status. If the license is expired, you’ll get a message like this: Click the Renew License button and follow the checkout instructions to renew your license. After completing the checkout process, click the Re-check license button again, and the license status will be updated. You can now run automatic updates again.


Plugin Overview 0

Copying Menus Go to Tools > Carbon Copy Menu Duplicator Select the menu you’d like to copy Give your menu a name, then click Start Duplication Process You’ll receive status updates and an alert when the duplication completes. Initiate Menu Copy from Appearance > Menus screen You can initiate a the copy of a specific menu from the WordPress Appearance > Menus screen. Settings Settings in Carbon Copy Menu Duplicator are minimal. To access the settings, click the gear icon in the upper right of the app Adjust any options then click Save all settings to save them. Enter your license info in the Updates tab Access support resources in the Help tab


Basic Usage 0

How to copy a WordPress menu This assumes you have already created a WordPress menu in Appearance > Menus. If you haven’t first create a menu by visiting Appearance > Menus and clicking “Create new menu”. 1. Select the menu to duplicate You can either: 1. Initiate the duplication from the Appearance > Menus screen Click the Copy Menu button when viewing the menu you want to copy. The Duplicator App will load with your menu pre-selected or 2. Visit Tools > Carbon Copy Menu Duplicator and select the menu you want to duplicate 2. Check the preview When you select a menu, a preview will load beside it so you can see exactly what you’ll be copying – the Source menu. 3. Give your new menu a name The Duplicator will automatically give your new menu a name, by appending “Copy” to the end of the source menu name, and a digit if there is already a “Copy”. You can change this name to whatever you want. 4. Start the duplication process Click the Start Duplication Process button to start copying the source menu. 5. Wait while the copy completes It’s important not to close the window while the menu is being copied. As the process runs, you’ll see status updates in the bottom left, and a notice will appear across the top of the screen. 6. Confirm successful duplication When the duplication is complete, a status message will appear at the top of the app, and a preview of the duplicated menu will appear on the right for comparison. You can click the View Menu button to go to the Appearance > Menus screen and view your new menu. Congratulations! Your menu duplication is complete.


Advanced Usage 0

The Carbon Copy Menu Duplicator will copy all menu items and any menu item metadata associated with those items. In addition, some menus have more advanced features which the Duplicator also handles. These plugins are listed below.


Where do I find my license code/key? 0

Purchase Receipt Email When you purchase the Carbon Copy Menu Duplicator, you’ll receive a purchase receipt via email. Open the email, and you’ll see a section entitled “License Keys”. You can copy the code out of the email. Dashboard Can’t find your purchase receipt email? You can get your license code from 1. Log into your Dashboard 2. Find your transaction and click View Licenses 3. Find the item and click the key beside it to reveal your license code, which you can copy


Video Tutorials 0

Installing the plugin Installation How to install the plugin. How to duplicate a WordPress menu How to copy a WordPress menu Walkthrough of how to use the plugin to duplicate a menu. View