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How to copy a WordPress menu

This assumes you have already created a WordPress menu in Appearance > Menus. If you haven’t first create a menu by visiting Appearance > Menus and clicking “Create new menu”.

1. Select the menu to duplicate

You can either:

1. Initiate the duplication from the Appearance > Menus screen

Click the Copy Menu button when viewing the menu you want to copy.

Appearance - Menus - copy WordPress menu

The Duplicator App will load with your menu pre-selected


2. Visit Tools > Carbon Copy Menu Duplicator and select the menu you want to duplicate

Select WordPress menu to copy

2. Check the preview

When you select a menu, a preview will load beside it so you can see exactly what you’ll be copying – the Source menu.

WordPress copy menu source preview

3. Give your new menu a name

The Duplicator will automatically give your new menu a name, by appending “Copy” to the end of the source menu name, and a digit if there is already a “Copy”.

WordPress menu copy name

You can change this name to whatever you want.

WordPress menu copy custom name

4. Start the duplication process

Click the Start Duplication Process button to start copying the source menu.

Start Menu Duplication Process

5. Wait while the copy completes

It’s important not to close the window while the menu is being copied.

As the process runs, you’ll see status updates in the bottom left, and a notice will appear across the top of the screen.

Menu duplication status updates

Menu Duplication in progress

6. Confirm successful duplication

When the duplication is complete, a status message will appear at the top of the app, and a preview of the duplicated menu will appear on the right for comparison.

WordPress Menu Copy Complete

You can click the View Menu button to go to the Appearance > Menus screen and view your new menu.

Congratulations! Your menu duplication is complete.