1. Download the plugin zip file

After purchasing the plugin, you’ll receive a download link via email. Click the download link to download the zip file.

The link in the email is temporary. After the link expires, you can still download the plugin zip by logging into your account and visiting your SevenSpark Dashboard

If you don’t get a zip file when you download, it means your browser is configured to unzip the file automatically. Change that setting in your browser so that the browser doesn’t unzip the file.

2. Upload the zip file to your WordPress installation and install

Log into your WordPress site and go to Plugins > Add New

Click Upload Plugin

Select the plugin zip file that you downloaded and click Install Now

Install Carbon Copy Menu Duplicator

3. Activate the plugin

Activate the plugin via the prompt, or on the Plugins Screen.

Activate Menu Duplicator Plugin

4. Go to the Duplicator App

To access the Duplicator App, you can either:

1. Visit Tools > Carbon Copy Menu Duplicator

Tools - Carbon Copy Menu Duplicator

2. Click Go to Duplicator App from the Plugins screen

Carbon Copy Menu Duplicator plugin screen

3. Initiate a menu copy from the Appearance > Menus screen by clicking the Copy Menu button or the Menu Duplicator tab.

Carbon Copy Menu Duplicator Appearance - Menus screen

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