Plugin Overview

Copying Menus

Go to Tools > Carbon Copy Menu Duplicator

Select the menu you’d like to copy

Duplicate WordPress menu selection

Give your menu a name, then click Start Duplication Process

Copy WordPress menu set name

You’ll receive status updates and an alert when the duplication completes.

Initiate Menu Copy from Appearance > Menus screen

You can initiate a the copy of a specific menu from the WordPress Appearance > Menus screen.

Appearance - Menus screen copy menu


Settings in Carbon Copy Menu Duplicator are minimal.

To access the settings, click the gear icon in the upper right of the app

WordPress Copy Menu Settings

Adjust any options then click Save all settings to save them.

Save Carbon Copy Menu Duplicator Settings

Enter your license info in the Updates tab

Carbon Copy Menu Duplicator Updates settings

Access support resources in the Help tab

Carbon Copy Menu Duplicator Help settings

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