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I want your experience with SevenSpark products to be awesome! That’s why I spend so much time writing in-depth documentation, recording video tutorials, and refining the product interfaces with in-product documentation and tips.

In the case that all these resources have failed you, the support center is meant to provide a means of answering questions that haven’t yet been covered in any of the support materials. These Support Terms will lay out exactly what you can expect here, what your responsibilities are, and what is – and isn’t – provided with free support.

It is my intention to provide you with all the documentation necessary to effectively use my products as they are intended to be used; that comes with the expectation that you will take the initiative to search all resources available before requesting one-on-one support, as well as the understanding that customizations and features beyond the advertised feature set are your sole responsibility. I feel this is fair to all parties involved.

I believe that these terms are very reasonable and simple common sense to the majority of my customers – you guys are awesome! Sadly, due to some abuse of my overly generous support practices in the past, I’ve had to make these terms explicit.

Just know that I’m still here offering great support for all reasonable requests! And thanks again for purchasing a SevenSpark product, I truly appreciate it!

  1. What is Supported?
    1. Bug Fixes
    2. Usage Questions
    3. Customizations
    4. Feature Requests
  2. License Registration & Restrictions
  3. Customer Responsibility
  4. Where to get support
  5. Support Response Times
  6. Support Abuse
  7. Customer Conduct
  8. Support Disclaimer

What is supported?

This table gives a simple overview of what types of questions are supported. For those that are not supported, please consult a freelancer or research your question online – Google is an incredible resource.

SupportedNot Supported
  • Bug fixes (of course!)
  • Product usage questions
  • Integration questions
  • Customizations
  • Issues caused by your customizations
  • Issues caused by other themes/plugins, where the other product has not followed WordPress standards
  • Non-product-specific WordPress/PHP/HTML/JavaScript usage questions

Bug Fixes

All bugs will be fixed

In instances where a product feature is broken, or does not work as described, these are bugs. I’m committed to fixing all bugs as soon as possible. Whenever possible, I will provide steps to fix minor bugs manually until the new version can be released. Major bugs will be given the highest priority.

Note that issues that are caused by bad code from other themes or plugins are not bugs with the affected product.

Usage Questions

Questions regarding out-of-the-box functionality of the product will be answered in the forum; however, you should make the effort to consult the provided support materials first

Theme/Plugin usage

It is my goal to cover all usage questions in the support guide and video tutorials. Therefore, it is the customer’s responsibility to review these materials before posting in the support forum. All guides are published online and are searchable using the search box or CTRL+F – it is MUCH faster to search the guide than to wait for a response from support!

WordPress Usage

There are core features in every WordPress installation which are not a result of my products. As a WordPress user, you take on the responsibility of learning how to use the WordPress system. If you are new to WordPress, there are a huge number of great resources out there to help you. Remember, Google is your best friend. A quick search will almost always answer your WordPress questions, since the community is so enormous – it is incredibly likely that someone else has already faced your WordPress problem and solved it.

HTML Template Usage

It is expected that you understand how to build your HTML site if you purchase an HTML template.


Customizations are the customer’s responsibility. They are not included in support.

Customizations are any modification or change to the design, look, layout, content, or functionality of the product – anything that requires a change to PHP, CSS, javascript, or HTML. Customizations are the sole responsibility of the customer, and are NOT provided with support.

Why not?

While I’d love to have the resources to help everyone with their customizations, as support is not included in your purchase price, spending hours per customer on customizations is simply not possible. By excluding after-purchase services from the price of the product, we are able to sell you awesome products at crazy low prices. You get a great working product for cheap. If you want to make changes to that product, it’s time to consult a freelancer. SevenSpark has partnered up with the awesome WordPress customization shop, WerkPress – shoot them a message and they can help you out with all your customization needs.

Feature Requests

Feature requests will be considered; implementation is at SevenSpark’s discretion

If you have a feature request, feel free to post it in the forum – I love to hear your great ideas! I consider all requests, but make no guarantees of future incorporation into the product. While I have included many customer feature requests in the past, all suggestions will be considered based on their value to the customer base as a whole, and weighed against the complexity they add to the product. In other words, complicated functionality which only benefits a few users is unlikely to be adopted as core functionality, and is better pursued as a customization.

License Registration & Restrictions

Support is limited to one site per license

Support can only be provided for as many sites as there are licenses registered (one site per license). If you request support for and, you will need to have two license codes registered to receive support for the second site. Once support has been provided for a specific site, that license is considered bound to that site and support cannot be provided for an alternative site with the same license code, even if the product is removed from the first site. Please bear in mind that support is provided free of charge and as a courtesy, but providing support for multiple sites on a single license is simply unsustainable – thanks for your understanding.

More information: Why do I have to register multiple license codes?

Customer Responsibility

Customers undertake the responsibility of educating themselves and making their own modifications if required; SevenSpark provides quality working products with detailed support materials.

As the purchaser of a stock product, you take on the responsibility to learn how to use the product though the use of available support materials. If you buy a desk from Ikea, it is your job to assemble and finish it by following the instructions; they don’t come to your house and build it for you; but, luckily, my documentation is better.

Here’s how our responsibilities break down:

Customer’s ResponsibilitySevenSpark’s Responsibility
  • Know or learn the platform (e.g. WordPress)
  • Learn the product by studying the documentation and support materials – experiment if necessary
  • Review the documentation before requesting support
  • Customizations – any modification to the out-of-the-box product, either via personal editing or through a freelancer
  • Provide a working product, as stated in the product description and demonstrated in the live demo
  • Provide ample documentation in the form of support guides and/or video tutorials
  • Fix any bugs that occur
  • Provide support for undocumented or under-documented features (and then update the documentation!)

This is how you’re able to get awesome products at ridiculously low prices. If you’re not willing to take on these responsibilities, there are plenty of freelancers and web design firms out there that will be happy to assist you!

Please remember that there is no cost for support built into your purchase price – support is not included in your purchase, and is provided for free. With that in mind:

  1. Please read the guides and videos. A huge amount of time is spent writing, recording and refining them. They are there for your reference so that you don’t need to request one-on-one support.
  2. Please be considerate when requesting support. Please try to figure things out for yourself before posting. Over 85% of questions I receive are due to user error. A quick search of the guide would make the vast majority of these questions unnecessary.

With that being said, if you find bugs – feel free to report them all day long. I strive to make my products bug-free, and reporting any issues helps everyone.

Where to get support

Get Support by Submitting a Ticket

Support is offered exclusively via the SevenSpark Support Center.

Support is not offered via any other means, including but not limited to:

  • Item Comments
  • CodeCanyon/ThemeForest/Envato Contact Form
  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • About Page Contact Form
  • Any communication channel other than the Support Center

All requests made through these channels will be redirected to the support center. Repeatedly ignoring requests to submit a ticket may result in revocation of support privileges and ban on future support.

Why the ticketing system is necessary

In order to provide superior support, it is necessary to use a ticketing system to organize and track customer requests. As I cannot be available to handle all support requests all the time, I pay my support team to provide my customers free support, and the only way this works is through the ticketing system, as they do not have access to item comments, my email, my Facebook page, etc. Moreover, keeping all support requests coming through one channel is the only way to efficiently manage support and make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

What if I don’t want to use the ticketing system?

My products come with a myriad of support documentation, including detailed guides, video tutorials, troubleshooters, and more. Most customers find all their answers in these materials and never need to contact support. If you need to ask a question, however, the support center is the only place to get support. Please keep in mind that support is not included in your purchase, and is offered for free. If you’d like to take advantage of this free support, you’ll need to take a minute to Submit a Ticket in this manner. These are the terms you agree to when you purchase my products, and adhering to them is a requirement to receive support. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

I entered my purchase code but it was rejected!

Please double check that your purchase code is valid and for the product for which you are requesting support.

If you still can’t get access, email me via my CodeCanyon contact form and I will help you get access.

Support Response Times

Patience is a virtue

Support is provided during the workweek, Monday to Friday. Please keep in mind that even if it is a work day where you are, it might not be Monday morning yet where I am. Please be patient.

During weekdays, you’ll almost always receive a response within 24 hours (generally much faster, depending on what time of day you submit your question). I generally post holiday announcements at the top of the support center so that you’ll be aware of any expected delays.

Support is not provided in real time. If you need an immediate answer, consulting the documentation is the fastest way to get your answer.

Support Abuse

Please do not abuse the support system; those who do will unfortunately be denied further support in order to better serve other customers. Please don’t be a help vampire.

Unfortunately, some customers have taken advantage of my overly-generous support and lax support policies in the past, and abused the system. As a result, customers who only want standard support are forced to wait longer. In order to be fair to all customers, support has now been defined more strictly: all customization requests should be directed to a freelancer, and will not be provided in this forum. Need a good freelancer who knows SevenSpark products? Check out WerkPress – they’re great!

Please read the support manual before asking questions. It is faster, and it saves everyone time. You should only submit a ticket if you have exhausted your options and the answer is not in the guide.

Of course, sometimes the best of us miss the section of the guide that we need, even with search capability – if you post once or twice like this, we’ll be happy to link you back to the correct section in the guide. However, customers who repeatedly make it a habit of asking questions in the forum which are already answered in the support material will eventually be met with a canned “please review the support materials” response. This is a situation I sincerely hope to avoid.

Customer Conduct

Be polite and respectful.

Don’t be a jerk. If you’re a jerk, I won’t help you.

If you are rude, disrespectful, make threats, yell, or are in any way abusive toward myself, my staff, or any other member of my forum, your support privileges will be revoked. If your behavior is especially inappropriate, you will be reported to Envato. Your purchase doesn’t include the right to be a jerk.

A silly, but sincere request: Please don’t write “please advise”. At best it’s unnecessary (if you’re submitting a ticket, we know you need advice) and at worst it’s a passive-aggressive demand; demands are rude, even when wrapped in a ‘please’. Yes, it’s a silly pet peeve, and no, it won’t prevent me from helping you; but following this rule will keep me happier and that’s good for everyone 😉

Support Disclaimer

Support is not guaranteed.

As support is provided free of charge and is not included in your purchase price, support is not guaranteed. I reserve the right to deny support for any reason, at my discretion. If you are disrespectful, unreasonable, abusive, aggressive, or in any way offensive, I may ban you from all support, present and future. This includes actions such as giving unjust low ratings or rating poorly to extort customizations. These actions constitute your forfeiture of your access to my support services.

In 4 years and over 40,000 customers, I have only ever had to ban 2 customers from support. Banning is exceptionally rare, so as long as you’re not being a jerk, you have nothing to worry about.