Condition Parameters

Some conditions can also accept parameters. For example, if you choose the On a page condition, the item will appear on any Page on your site. You can also provide it with a parameter – the page ID – to restrict this to a single page, identified by its ID.

Setting a parameter

If a condition can accept a parameter, that parameter will be explained in the Condition’s description:

Above, you can see that the Front Page and Home Page conditions don’t accept any parameters. The On a Page condition accepts a parameter optionally, the Page ID. If you set the parameter to 15, the item will only appear on the Page with ID 15.

To set the parameter, simply enter it in the parameter field

Note that some Conditions require parameters, such as the On a post type Condition and most of the user conditions.

Multiple string or integer parameters

Some Conditions will accept multiple parameters. For example, with the On a page condition, you can provide a list of several pages, as a comma-delimited string.

This string will be converted to an array when passed to the WordPress conditional function.

The item would be displayed on Pages 15, 25, and 192

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