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This article is for UberMenu 2. If you are using UberMenu 3, please check out the UberMenu 3 Knowledgebase: Mobile & Responsive

UberMenu implements a single-menu responsive solution. At 767px (the standard breakpoint for mobile devices), the menu collapses into a menu toggle which can be clicked to reveal the menu items. UberMenu remains full-size on larger devices like iPads.

UberMenu Responsive & Mobile Contents

Read the articles below for information on the standard breakpoints, using UberMenu with Android & iOS, strategies for hiding menu items at different resolutions, and troubleshooting themes with existing responsive menus.


If you would rather use a separate menu for your mobile menu, there are two options at your disposal:

1. ShiftNav

Adds an off-canvas mobile menu on mobile devices, compatible with UberMenu.

2. Responsive Select Menu

The Responsive Select Menu plugin offers a different paradigm for handling responsive menu functionality, by collapsing the menu to a selectbox on mobile devices. It is compatible with UberMenu.