The menu doesn’t stick on scroll (It’s not working!!)

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Uh oh!

If everything else on your site is running properly, UberMenu Sticky Extension should run without issue. But if your menu isn’t sticking as you scroll, there could be a few issues:

1. Javascript errors

If you have ANY javascript errors on your site, this can break the sticky functionality. That means if you’ve installed a theme or plugin that is misbehaving, this can cause trouble.

The same javascript errors that will break UberMenu will break UberMenu Sticky – it’s just more obvious with UberMenu Sticky because a non-javascript sticky “fallback” is not possible. Please check out the UberMenu Troublshooter – javascript errors to troubleshoot your issue. The most common is an unrelated javascript error from another plugin/theme breaking things.

2. Transformed Ancestor Element

The sticky menu works by setting the menu to fixed position, so that as you scroll the viewport, the menu remains in the same position.

One quirk of fixed positioning is that if a parent or ancestor element of that fixed element has a CSS transform, the browser will treat the fixed element as position:absolute instead.

This will break the sticky functionality, naturally. The solution is to find the ancestor element that is being transformed, and override that style with transform:none;

3. CSS Syntax Error

Check your CSS syntax in your UberMenu Control Panel’s Custom CSS tweaks area. If you have a syntax error there, UberMenu Sticky’s CSS won’t get read and you won’t get a sticky menu.

4. CSS Override

If your theme is forcing the menu’s position to be relative, absolute, static, etc – the menu won’t be able to stick ( it needs to be fixed ).

5. UberMenu Version

Remember, UberMenu Sticky requires UberMenu Version 3.0 or later. If you are using an earlier version, please upgrade in order to make your UberMenu compatible.