What can support assist with? (UberMenu)

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Please keep in mind that your purchase does not include any labor cost, only the cost of the product. With UberMenu you get access to an extensive, searchable Knowledgebase that demonstrates how to use the plugin and should answer 99% of your questions immediately. It is your responsibility to read the guide and follow the instructions to set up and use the plugin yourself; but if you do run into a snag and have a question we’re happy to help with any reasonable request.

If you need assistance with something that isn’t covered by support that you can’t resolve on your own (for example, customizations or content development), your best option is likely to hire a freelancer; Microlancer is a great place to find qualified freelancers.

Please note that all support is provided in the Support Forum, not in the item comments, via email, or any other communication method. Thank you for your cooperation!

Installation: If I purchase this plugin will you install it for me?

No, sorry. There isn’t any labor included in your purchase price, so unfortunately we can’t install everyone’s plugin for them. There is a full Installation Guide, as well as a video tutorial that walks you through the process.

If you have attempted to install the plugin following the provided instructions and are experiencing an issue, we can assist you in the Support Forum

Integration: When I install the plugin, something isn’t working right, can you help?

Yes. Some themes have’t coded their menu properly, and won’t work with UberMenu’s auto-replacement, and others have CSS styles or javascript that will interfere with the plugin.

We provide a lot of resources on how to handle these situations, so please take a look at:

Integration Failure Troubleshooter

Handling Responsive Theme Menus

Integration Check (check if your theme has a specific integration guide)

If you are having trouble integrating your UberMenu and you can’t get things resolved with the provided resources, just post your question in the Support Forum and we’ll investigate your theme to get things set up for you.

Usage Questions: How do I… can you help?

Yes. If you can’t find the answer you need and have a question about using UberMenu, we’d be happy to answer your question in the Support Forum and point you to the proper resources, or create it if it does not exist. If your question is not related to a supported feature, it would fall under the category of “Customizations”.

Theme/Plugin Interactions: Something isn’t working, can you fix this?

Yes and no. Sometimes, a theme or plugin will have conflicting CSS, Javascript, or PHP that will break UberMenu or cause conflicts that cause errors on a website. This is bound to happen on modular systems like WordPress. UberMenu is coded to the highest best practice standards in order to provide maximum compatibility with other WordPress components; but UberMenu cannot control how other themes/plugins are coded.

Many interaction issues are documented in the Knowledgebase and Troubleshooter. If you’re having trouble, we’ll do out best to diagnose the problem and offer a solution if possible; but often the solution will have to come from the other developer if the theme/plugin causing the conflict hasn’t been coded properly.

Bugs: I’ve found a bug! Can you fix it?

Yes! If you have found a bug with the plugin, we will absolutely fix it. UberMenu is a very mature plugin, so bugs are pretty rare, but we’ll always fix any bugs that crop up. More frequently, perceived “bugs” are actually either configuration or interaction issues, which aren’t problems with the plugin itself – but we’ll help diagnose those as well.

Please be sure you’re using the most current version of the plugin before reporting a ‘bug’, as your issue may already have been resolved.

Content Creation: Can you add the demo menu items for me?

No, sorry. As a website creator it is your responsibility to add your content. The UberMenu Knowledgebase provides guides and video tutorials to create each type of menu item content shown in the demo:

Adding Content to the Menu

Video Tutorials

If you have a question about a specific menu item you’re having trouble with, we’d be happy to help you in the Support Forum; but we can’t build your whole menu for you 🙂

Configuration: Can you set up my menu items for me?

No, sorry. The Knowledgebase, video-tutorials, and in-plugin documentation covers all configuration options. If you do have trouble with a specific item and can’t find the answer in the documentation, we’ll be happy to help in the Support Forum; but we can’t set up and configure your whole menu.

Customizations: I want to make my menu look/function/dance like this.

No. Customizations are the customer’s responsibility. Sorry, but there is no labor cost included in your plugin price, and your purchase does not entitle you to free development work. Check out Microlancer to hire a freelancer.

The Customizing UberMenu section of the Knowledgebase provides guidance on implementing your customizations.

Server Configuration

Diagnosis only. Sometimes you have an issue that is due to the way your server is configured. In these cases, we will do our best to provide advice on what needs to be done, but we can’t make changes on your server; you’ll either need to do that yourself or contact your host.