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I want your experience with SevenSpark products to be awesome! That’s why I spend so much time writing in-depth documentation, recording video tutorials, and refining the product interfaces with in-product documentation and tips. In the case that all these resources have failed you, the support center is meant to provide a means of answering questions that haven’t yet been covered in any of the support materials. These Support Terms will lay out exactly what you can expect here, what your responsibilities are, and what is – and isn’t – provided with free support. It is my intention to provide you with all the documentation necessary to effectively use my products as they are intended to be used; that comes with the expectation that you will take the initiative to search all resources available before requesting one-on-one support, as well as the understanding that customizations and features beyond the advertised feature set are your sole responsibility. I feel this is fair to all parties involved. I believe that these terms are very reasonable and simple common sense to the majority of my customers – you guys are awesome! Sadly, due to some abuse of my overly generous support practices in the past, I’ve had to make these terms explicit. Just know that I’m still here offering great support for all reasonable requests! And thanks again for purchasing a SevenSpark product, I truly appreciate it! Contents What is Supported? Bug Fixes Usage Questions Customizations Feature Requests License Registration & Restrictions Customer Responsibility Where to get support Support Response Times Support Abuse Customer Conduct Support Disclaimer What is supported? This table gives a simple overview of what types of questions are supported. For those that are not supported, please consult a freelancer or research your question online – Google is an incredible resource. […]


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To access the support forum, you must create an account, log in, and then authorize your purchase code for each product forum you wish to access. Register 1. Click the register button Go to the Support Forum and click the red Register button on the right. 2. Fill out the registration form It’s best to use your Envato username so it’s easy to remember. Click Register 3. Return to the Support Forum If you are not already in the forum, click the link to visit to the Support Forum Login to the forum Once you’ve registered, you should be logged in automatically. If not, continue to log in: 1. Click the blue Login button 2. Log in Log in with the credentials you created when you registered. You will be returned to the Support Forum Authenticate your purchase codes To access a specific forum, you must authenticate your purchase code for the relevant product. 1. Click on the forum relevant to the product you wish to access Note that add-ons/extensions for a particular product have their own sub forums, which require independent purchase code authentication. 2. Verify your license You will be brought to the Envato License Verification screen. Enter your purchase code for the product relevant to the forum you are accessing. Follow the instructions on the page for how to find your purchase code if you are unsure. Find your solution 1. Check the resources Before posting a topic, please be sure to check: The support guide Video tutorials Troubleshooters Customization assistant Available resources will be listed in the right sidebar for that product. 2. Search the forum Use the search bar at the top of each forum to search for topics that may already answer your question 3. Post a new topic If your question isn’t answered […]


Refunds for Envato Products 1

Is something not working right with one of my products? Remember, there are all sorts of factors that may be affecting your site – from your theme to other plugins to your server configuration. Please be sure to Submit a Ticket before requesting a refund or writing off the product – most issues are easily resolvable, and we’ll be happy to help you get things working! Due to the nature of digital goods, it’s not possible to “return” them. Therefore, refunds can only be given for products that are broken and do not work as described. I can assure you that none of my products are broken; if you encounter an issue, please Submit a Ticket and we’ll be happy to help you get it sorted out. Because you purchased my product through Envato (CodeCanyon/ThemeForest), you paid Envato – I do not have the authority to refund your purchase, nor am I in possession of that money. I encourage you to read Envato’s Refund Policy. Sorry, I do not have control over this policy. If you wish to request a refund, you can contact Envato Support


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Thank you so much for your business! Registering your purchase codes on this site is the only way for me to verify licenses – I know it is a bit inconvenient, but I kindly request that you register each purchase code you have for all SevenSpark products in order to receive support – thank you! If you are using a product, for example, UberMenu, on multiple sites, please register your purchase code for each license of UberMenu you have purchased – one license per site. Short Version You must purchase one license for each site you use a product on In order to receive support, please register a purchase code in this support forum for each site for which you request support You can register your new license code in the sidebar of the forum page Contents Licenses are single-use Support is limited to the number of sites for which you have registered a license code How to verify additional license codes How to find your license code CodeCanyon and ThemeForest Licenses are Single Use Your purchase from CodeCanyon or ThemeForest entitles you to a single use of your purchase. If you wish to use the product on multiple sites, you need to purchase multiple licenses – one license per site. This is made clear when you are purchasing: Next to the Purchase Button In the License Terms 2.You are licensed to use the Item to create one single End Product for yourself or for one client (a “single application”) UberMenu users are reminded when the plugin is installed as well Please note that your single-use license also enables you to have a development version of your site, covered by a single license. For example, if your site is and you have a local version of that you […]


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Please keep in mind that your purchase does not include any labor cost, only the cost of the product. With UberMenu you get access to an extensive, searchable Knowledgebase that demonstrates how to use the plugin and should answer 99% of your questions immediately. It is your responsibility to read the guide and follow the instructions to set up and use the plugin yourself; but if you do run into a snag and have a question we’re happy to help with any reasonable request. If you need assistance with something that isn’t covered by support that you can’t resolve on your own (for example, customizations or content development), your best option is likely to hire a freelancer; Microlancer is a great place to find qualified freelancers. Please note that all support is provided in the Support Forum, not in the item comments, via email, or any other communication method. Thank you for your cooperation! Installation: If I purchase this plugin will you install it for me? No, sorry. There isn’t any labor included in your purchase price, so unfortunately we can’t install everyone’s plugin for them. There is a full Installation Guide, as well as a video tutorial that walks you through the process. If you have attempted to install the plugin following the provided instructions and are experiencing an issue, we can assist you in the Support Forum Integration: When I install the plugin, something isn’t working right, can you help? Yes. Some themes have’t coded their menu properly, and won’t work with UberMenu’s auto-replacement, and others have CSS styles or javascript that will interfere with the plugin. We provide a lot of resources on how to handle these situations, so please take a look at: Integration Failure Troubleshooter Handling Responsive Theme Menus Integration Check (check if your theme […]