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Indentation Offset

Indentation is one way of differentiating hierarchical levels in the menu.

By default in Bellows, the first and second levels of the menu are aligned within the layout, but visually differentiated via the background colors of the skin. From the third level on, items are differentiated via indentation.

This is referred to as the Indentation Offset.

If you wish to adjust this – for example, begin indentation with the second, rather than third level items, you can change the --bellows-indent-level-offset CSS variable.

Place this code in the Bellows CSS Tweaks setting to ensure it loads after the Bellows stylesheets.

/* Begin indenting with second level items */
    --bellows-indent-level-offset: 0;

The default offset is 1, which starts the indentation with third level items. Set it to 0 to begin the indentation with second level items.