Multiple Configurations [Pro]

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What is a Configuration?

A Configuration is a set of settings that can be applied to a menu. For example, one configuration could be:

Skin: Blue
Folding: Multiple
Current Submenu Expansion: Enabled

and another might be

Skin: Red
Folding: Single
Current Submenu Expansion: Disabled

Using multiple Configurations allows you to have different settings applied to different menus.

Configurations are also re-usable, so you can use the same Configuration for multiple menus without having to re-configure every setting.

How to create a Configuration

Out of the box, Bellows has a default configuration known as the Main Configuration. The settings can be managed in the Control Panel under the “Main Configuration” tab

To create additional Configurations, click the + Add Bellows Configuration button on the right of the Control Panel

Give your Configuration an ID, which will be used when applying the Configuration to a menu. Click Create Configuration

Refresh the page to see the new tab for your new Configuration

You can control this Configuration independently from the main Configuration. For example, you could set the skin on your +secondary Configuration to Blue Grey, and leave the Main Configuration skin set to Blue.

To add a menu using your new Configuration, simply pass your new ID as the config_id parameter, for example in the shortcode. This will be generated for you in the Integration section of the Configuration tab, or via the Menu Generator UI

As a demonstration, you can now apply different Configurations to the same menu. So these two menus have the same contents, but different Configurations applied:

Main Configuration
[bellows config_id="main" menu="27"]

Secondary Configuration
[bellows config_id="secondary" menu="27"]