Integration – Insert an Accordion Menu

You can add Bellows to your site via several mechanisms. The best option depends on the editable areas that your theme offers and how the theme works.

1. Shortcode

Shortcodes are useful when you want to add an accordion menu inside page or post content, as well as page builders that accept shortcodes in their custom content.

2. Widget

If you want to add an accordion menu to a widgetized area of your theme, you can use the Bellows widget. Most commonly, sidebar are widgetized, but themes may also widgetize the footer and even the home page areas.

3. PHP

If you’re adding the accordion menu into your theme template files directly, you’ll want to use PHP code to place it in the appropriate location within your layout.

Menu Generator UI [Pro]

The Menu Generator UI will help you configure your menu, visually preview the result, and provide you with the shortcode or PHP to include in your site. For more information, visit the Menu Generator UI documentation.

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