Menu Sections

Since v1.4. Currently in Beta

Bellows Menu Section functionality allows you to display just a section of a multi-level static menu, as defined by a root menu item. The root can be defined statically (by menu item ID) or dynamically (based on the current page), and you have the option to include the root item within the menu section display.

Bellows Section Shortcode


This shortcode allows you to display a section of a static menu

The Bellows Configuration ID to use to generate the menu.

Default: main
Required. The numeric ID of the menu to display
Required. The numeric ID of the menu item to use as the root, or a dynamic value:

current – the menu item matching the current page

current_parent – the parent of the current menu item

current_root – the top level ancestor of the current menu item
Whether or not to include the root within the menu structure.
Default: false


For these examples, let’s assume we have the following menu structure for a Continent > Country > Location menu. The ID of this menu is 27 and we’ll be working with the Main configuration for simplicity.

For the purposes of this example, we’re viewing the “Colorado” page on the front end. With the current submenu open, the entire menu would look like this:

Here are some examples of how we can splice some sections that include “Colorado”:

Example 1: Display just the “United States” section of the menu, statically defined

[bellows_section menu="27" root="52” include_root="true"]

The menu item ID of “United States” is 52.

Example 2: Display just this section of the menu (Country) including the parent (United States) dynamically based on the current page

[bellows_section menu="27" root="current_parent” include_root="true"]

Example 3: Display the entire continent (section of the menu defined by this page’s root item)

[bellows_section menu="27" root="current_root" include_root="true" ]

Example 4: Display the entire continent, but without the root item (“North America”) present

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