Multiple Accordion Menus

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You can add multiple Bellows accordion menus to your site, and per page.

Each Bellows menu that appears is referred to as an instance of the menu. If you have 5 accordion menus on the page, you have 5 instances of Bellows.

To add multiple instances of Bellows to your site, simply add multiple shortcodes, or widgets, or PHP functions – or a combination thereof.

The rendering of each instance is based on

(1) a set of menu items, the “menu”, which is created either via Appearance > Menus or automatically generated via the Autopopulation functionality (Pro users only)


(2) a Configuration, which is a group of settings applied to the menu, such as the skin, toggle functionality, custom styles, etc. By default, you have one Configuration, known as the Bellows Main Configuration.

So you could have 5 instances of Bellows, with 5 different menus, but all with the same configuration. That means their look and functionality would all be consistent, but their content would all be different.

Bellows Pro allows you to define multiple Configurations, so you could have 5 instances of Bellows with 5 different Configurations. So your menus might have different contents and different styles (for example, a blue menu and a red menu).

Learn more about creating Multiple Configurations