Expand Current Submenu

Bellows Control Panel > Main Configuration > Basic Configuration > Expand Current Submenu

When this setting is enabled, if there is a menu item that points to the current page, the submenu tree for that item will open automatically when the page loads.

In other words, with this setting enabled, if you visit the “Comedy” page, or any of its submenu items, you’ll see this when the page loads:

Multiple Current Items

If you have multiple current items in a menu, you may end up with multiple submenus open by default. If you don’t want that, you can add the class bellows-current-item-priority to the instance of the item that you want to act as the current item to indicate to the plugin that only that branch should be opened by default.

For example, if you have an “About Us” item in the menu twice, both will be considered current, so if they are in separate submenus, both submenus will open. By applying this class to one of the “About Us” items, it will be considered the only current item when on the About Us page.

Applying the bellows-current-item-priority class to a menu item

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