Icons [Pro]

ShiftNav Pro includes over 350 Font Awesome font icons that can be assigned to each item in the menu.

To assign an icon to a menu item, open up the menu item settings panel for that menu item. Find the Icon setting

Click on the Set Icon button to open the icon selection panel

You can type terms in the search box to filter the icons (this is done by the icon class).

Click on an icon to set it.

Click Save Menu Item to save the setting and it will appear on your menu item.

Custom Icon Class

Since v1.5

The Custom Icon Class setting allows you to add any class you like to the icon’s <i> tag.

If you have selected an icon, this custom class will be appended to the icon class. For example

<i class="fa fa-rocket my-custom-class"></i>

If you have not selected an icon, then this custom class will serve as the entire class, allowing you to use a custom icon.

<i class="my-custom-class"></i>

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