Installing Updates [Pro]

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When updating, all settings in the ShiftNav Control Panel and menu item options will be preserved. Changes you have made directly in the plugin files on the server will be overwritten.

Via Automatic Updates (recommended)

Since v1.3

1. If you haven’t already, add your license code in the ShiftNav Control Panel > Updates tab.

2. When an update is available, you’ll be notified in your WordPress dashboard

3. You’ll see the update available in your Updates screen

4. View the version details to see the changelog

5. Click to install the update as you would with any plugin

6. Note: You can only run updates on the site that the license was registered to. If you get an “unauthorized” message, please check your Updates tab and make sure that your license is registered to the current domain.


1. Download the latest version of ShiftNav Pro from your Purchase History page

Please note you will need a current, valid license in order to download.

2. Open up your FTP Client and connect to your server

3. Navigate to the wp-content/plugins/ directory in your WordPress installation

4. If you have made any customizations, back up the shiftnav-pro/custom directory before proceeding.

5. On your desktop, unzip the ShiftNav Pro plugin file. You should have a folder shiftnav-pro/

6. FTP the shiftnav-pro/ folder into your server’s wp-content/plugins directory to overwrite the old files

7. If your custom.css has been overwritten, re-upload your backup copy.

Via the WordPress Plugin Uploader

To update the plugin via the WordPress plugin uploader, you’ll need to first install the Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades plugin from the WordPress repository.

Please note if you have made any edits to the plugin files, they will be lost. Be sure to back up your /custom directory before updating if you have made any changes there.

1. You should always make a backup of your site before installing updates this way. Depending on your server configuration, this method can cause issues and you’ll want to be able to revert to a backup easily.

2. Download the latest version of ShiftNav Pro from your Purchase History page

3. In your WordPress Admin Panel, go to Plugins > Add New, and click “Upload”

4. Click “Choose File” and select the ShiftNav Pro zip file you downloaded.

5. Select “Yes” from the “Upgrade existing plugin?” option.

6. Click “Install Now”