ShiftNav can be configured through the ShiftNav Control Panel, which is accessible in your WordPress admin panel under Appearance > ShiftNav

Main ShiftNav Settings

This tab is specific to the main ShiftNav Panel which is created by default when you install ShiftNav. The settings on this tab will control the main ShiftNav instance.

Toggle Bar

This tab controls the main toggle bar, which toggles the Main ShiftNav open and closed. You can configure the settings for the toggle bar here.

+{instance-name} [Pro]

The tabs for any additional ShiftNav instances you create via ShiftNav Pro will appear with a + in front of the instance ID. These contain settings specific to that instance.

General Settings

This tab contains global settings for ShiftNav. These settings affect all menus and the functionality of ShiftNav overall, as well as miscellaneous configuration options for the plugin.

Resource Links

In the upper right, you’ll see links to the ShiftNav Knowledge base and to the Support Forum (for Pro users).

+ Add ShiftNav Instance [Pro]

The green button in the upper right allows you to add new instances of ShiftNav. See the Instance Manager article for more information.

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