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Adding a Google Map via a plugin

I highly recommend installing WP Google Maps or Comprehensive Google Map Plugin, or a Google Maps plugin of your choice. Google Maps has a lot of capabilities, using a plugin makes it easy to use.

You can also generate a map through one of the many online Google Maps generators such as

Google Maps Embed API

Embed Google Maps

In any event, once you have your map ready, just add it in the Custom Content setting in the ShiftNav Control Panel.

WP Google Maps

After installing the plugin go to Maps > Maps to create your map. Then copy the generated shortcode into Appearance > ShiftNav > Main ShiftNav Settings and paste the shortcode into either of the Custom Content areas.

Comprehensive Google Maps

After installing the plugin:

1. Go to your WordPress Admin Panel > Google Map > Shortcode Builder

This is where the plugin allows you to build your Google Maps shortcode through a nice UI, and configure all sorts of settings.

2. In the Shortcode Builder, I recommend setting up at least the following (though you can configure all the settings if you like):

TitleMobile Map
Map DraggableDisable
Location{Your location}


The title can be anything you like, but must be unique for each map. Name it something you’ll recognize.


Setting the width to 100% allows the map to fully expand in the ShiftNav panel.

Map Draggable

By disabling the map draggability, users on a touch screen will be able to continue scrolling up and down on the menu without the map’s dragging interfering with the menu function. This is optional of course, but generally better for usability.


The location is, of course, critical. Without this the map won’t work.

Type in your location address as indicated and click “Add”

3. Once you have set up all of your map settings, click the “Generate Shortcode” button.

Please keep in mind that you can’t actually edit the map via the settings, so if you want to make a change you’ll need to enter all your settings again.

4. Go to Google Map > Saved Shortcodes. Copy the shortcode for the map you created.

5. Go to Appearance > ShiftNav > Main ShiftNav Settings and paste the shortcode into either of the Custom Content areas.

6. Save your settings and your map should appear!