Adding a logo

ShiftNav allows you to add whatever content you like in the toggle bar via the Toggle Content setting.

By default, this setting contains a shortcode which displays the title of your site. But you can add an image to this setting as well.

1. Upload an image to your site

In your WordPress admin, go to Media > Add New and upload your file (or choose an existing file from your Media Library)

2. In your Media Library, click the image you want to use as your logo and copy the URL

Here you can edit your image and scale it to a smaller size if desired. An image around 25px tall tends to work well.

Then copy the URL to your clipboard

3. Add the logo to your toggle bar

In the Toggle Content setting, insert your logo as an img tag, with the image’s URL as your src attribute value

<img src="" />

4. Align your logo

If you are using text along with your logo, you may want to vertically align your content like this:

.shiftnav-main-toggle-content img{
.shiftnav-main-toggle-content a{

That’s it!

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