Vertical Menu in a Sidebar

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UberMenu 3

The easiest way to add UberMenu to a widgetized sidebar is to use the UberMenu Widget. If there is an existing menu, you can try Automatic Integration if a theme location is defined there, or you can use Manual Integration code to insert the menu directly into the theme’s sidebar template.

Both Vertical and Horizontal Menus

If you want a main menu that is horizontal, and a sidebar menu that is vertical, and for both of them to be UberMenus, then you can create Multiple Configurations to configure the menus (and orientations) independently.

In a right sidebar

If you add a vertical UberMenu in a right sidebar, you’ll likely want to invert the flyouts to make them fly left instead. You can use the Invert Submenus setting for that configuration > Submenus

Or, add this CSS to your CSS Tweaks to accomplish that

.ubermenu.ubermenu-vertical .ubermenu-item > .ubermenu-submenu-drop{
.ubermenu.ubermenu-vertical.ubermenu-sub-indicators .ubermenu-item-level-0.ubermenu-item-has-children > a.ubermenu-target:after{
.ubermenu.ubermenu-vertical .ubermenu-item-level-0 > .ubermenu-submenu-drop {
  clip: rect(-5000px,5000px,5000px,-5000px);