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If you get the message “UberMenu Loading…” or “UberMenu Waiting to Load…” in your admin bar, it means that the UberMenu javascript has not run on your site. This can occur for a few reasons

Javascript error on your site

If you have an unrelated javascript error, this can prevent UberMenu’s javascript from being able to run. Here’s How to check for Javascript Errors

One common error is themes loading the incorrect version of jQuery

Solution: Resolve the javascript errors on your site so that your javascript runs correctly.

UberMenu javascript assets not loaded

UberMenu includes its javascript file, ubermenu.min.js via the wp_enqueue_scripts hook, and loads in your footer. If you theme does not include the standard wp_footer() hook in its footer.php, then this script can’t load.

Solution: Add the wp_footer() hook to your theme. Any professional theme should already have this hook present.

Minified/Concatenated scripts

If the UberMenu JS loads under normal circumstances, but not when you have a caching/minification/concatenation plugin enabled, it suggests that you have an error in one of the javascript sources that is included in the concatenated javascript file, which prevents the UberMenu JS from running.

Solution: Locate the script causing the issue, and either resolve the error or exclude it from the minification/concatenation process.