The Sandbox allows you to view UberMenu outside of the confines of your themes. This eliminates many types of Residual Styling and Residual Scripting from the theme and other plugins, allowing you to visually check if there is interference by comparing it to the menu as displayed within your theme.

Using the Sandbox

Visit the Sandbox in multiple ways:

From the Appearance > Menus Screen

Click the View UberMenu in Sandbox tab

From the Control Panel

Click the View Menu in Sandbox button at the top of the Configuration panel

From the admin tool bar

Under “UberMenu”, click View in Sandbox


Interference is still *possible*

In 99% of cases, the Sandbox will remove all interference. In some cases if a theme or plugin is especially poorly coded, it could potentially load CSS or JS on this screen, or still apply PHP filters in the admin panel. This is very rare, but unfortunately it is not impossible.

Third Party Assets

Please note that as this is an UberMenu-specific sandbox, assets (JS and CSS) from other plugins/themes will not be loaded (at least they should not be!). As a result, custom content from third party added in the menu will appear unstyled. This is to be expected and those styles/scripts will still be active on the front end.

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